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Shadowplay: Photos by Ashley Esselink

Photos by Ashley Esselink

Don’t Stop Believing

Rachel’s SEPTA Map

Rachel’s SEPTA Map

Internships: Day 1

Last Friday was my first day at my woodworking internship, and it was (if you’ll excuse my trading specificity for the superlative) the most awesome. I’m working for this cool young guy, Tim, who works in a shared space with some other woodworkers, though he’s the only one who’s really in there full-time. Each of the people there has their own section to work in, and they all share the machines. It really makes a lot of sense…

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By Jacqueline Osei-Bonsu

With music and very courageous stunts, the audience was left silent as we watched in awe, a woman torn between two lovers. She stood on a wooden plank that was balancing on the shoulders of two men, one on each end. Jumping to heights of what seemed like infinity, she bounced up and spun in the air.

THE ROOM WAS QUIET. Not a breath was heard. Then her feet met the beam again and there was a sigh of relief. Then she’d jump higher and did more spins leaving the audience to wonder if she would make it back onto the beam or not. Then back again she landed. More sighs of relief.

An opening act that kept us at the edge of our seats; Acts followed, leaving us more breathless than before…

…“What if the whole show was my favorite part?” 

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Philadelphia Freedom.

Philadelphia Freedom.


By Emily Kirschbaum


…After the big change, I was a little worried that my new internship would only bring up more doubts about my choice in career…However, after my first day at the community mental health center, and after being introduced to the members, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. I was able to have conversations with reasoning human beings [Editor’s note: What, you’re saying toddlers aren’t reasonable?!!?], sit in on many support and therapeutic groups, and talk with my co-workers. I instantly felt more comfortable than I had in my previous placement…

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